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SYNEGIS produces high-performance plasticizers for a broad range of markets and applications, from window sealants, PVC flooring and wall covering, to cables, adhesives, cinema screens and tennis courts. We work hand in hand with our customers to truly understand their needs, identify new applications and develop specific solutions.

As consumer sentiment and government regulations constantly change, we have developed a long-term and sustainable approach to our product line and towards our customers, which is the creation of a new high-performance benzoate non-phthalate product range called SYNEGIS. This product range offers an eco-friendly alternative to our customers and is designed to replace many of our existing plasticizer solutions. The SYNEGIS benzoates product range is manufactured in our Antwerp plant.

Dibenzoate Esters

  • SYNEGIS 9100
    Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate
  • SYNEGIS 9120
    Dipropylene Glycol / Diethylene Glycol Dibenzoate
  • SYNEGIS 9201
    Modified Dibenzoate
  • SYNEGIS 9280
    Modified Dibenzoate

Polymeric Adipate Esters

  • SYNEGIS 409A
    Poly (1,3 Butane/1,2 Propane Diol) Adipate
  • SYNEGIS 410
    Poly (Neo Pentane / 1,2 Propane Diol) Adipate
  • SYNEGIS 416A
    Poly (1,2 Propane Diol) Adipate
  • SYNEGIS 417
    Poly (1,2 Propane Diol) Adipate
  • SYNEGIS 418
    Poly (1,2 Propane Diol / Diethylene Glycol)
  • SYNEGIS 430
    Poly (1,3 Butane Diol) Adipate
  • SYNEGIS 433
    Poly (Neo Pentane/Butane Diol) Adipate
  • SYNEGIS 438
    Poly (1,2 Propane Diol) Adipate/Phthalate

Benzyl Phthalate esters

    Alkyl (C7-C9) Benzyl Phthalate
    Alkyl (C12) Benzyl Phthalate

SANTICIZER products are available for Europe, Russia and Turkey